Planning a start-up

Planning a business

Getting your business off on the right foot is all-important. Our helpful tips and guidance can show you how.

Self-employment: is it right for you?

Thousands of people, just like you, have stepped into the world of self-employment and set up their own businesses.

There can be many benefits in going it alone, but as well as the advantages you need to think about the disadvantages too. It's also important to consider yourself and your situation. For example:

  • Do you have the right personal qualities?
  • Do you have the right business skills?
  • If you'll be working from home, what are the practicalities?

These 3 short guides run through what you need to think about.

The pros and cons of

  • Reasons for becoming self-employed
  • Potential advantages
  • Potential disadvantages
  • Thinking about the long term.

Making a success of

  • The personal qualities you need
  • The business skills you need
  • Tax and National Insurance issues
  • How to make sure family life is not adversely affected.

Working from home

  • Day-to-day issues of working from home
  • Insurance
  • Legal issues.

Starting up your own business

Starting up your own business Planning and organisation are crucial in the early stages of setting up a new business. You have a far higher chance of success if you take the time to prepare.

This section will guide you through:

  • The first steps of business planning;
  • Who you need to inform about your new venture;
  • And how to make your mark.

Ten top tips for a successful start

Read our ten top tips which include writing a business plan, keeping costs low and adapting for change.

Finding the right business property

Finding the right business property If you're starting a new business, a major practicality is where you're going to operate from - assuming you're not running it from home. Getting the right premises at the right price can be crucial to your success.

Key considerations include:

  • how to find the right property
  • location, facilities & amenities
  • whether to buy or lease
  • surveys and legal matters.

Our two guides will help you make the right property decisions so that your business premises don't turn from an asset into a liability.

Getting the right premises

  • Location.
  • Facilities.
  • Amenities.
  • Help finding the right property.
  • The pros and cons of buying (freehold).
  • The pros and cons of renting (leasehold).
  • Affordability.

Surveys, contracts
and legal matters

  • The survey.
  • Checking a lease.
  • Additional costs.
  • Health and safety.
  • Access for people with disabilities.
  • Insurance.
  • Useful contacts.

Setting up a website

For some businesses, the internet is their marketplace - their only sales outlet. But a website isn't just about selling goods online - it can bring other benefits which may be just as valuable, such as saving you time, money and raising your business's profile.

So whatever you're setting up in business to do, you should consider the benefits of being on the web. Our guide takes you through the key considerations.

Guide - Setting up a website: key considerations

  • Why set up a website?
  • Is a website right for your business?
  • The practicalities of setting up a business website.
  • Why building a website is only the beginning.

Case studies

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Rajan and Romilla Dhanda
Owners, Bridgehouse Hotel
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It was great that Lloyds Bank could see the potential growth in our business when we started out.
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Viviane Jaeger
Evolve Dentistry case study
Lloyds Bank has a good specialist side for healthcare, that meant that they really did understand what was involved in the dental practice, what any obstacles could be that we would come up with and maybe ways that they could help us overcome those.
Carol Sommerville-Roberts
Owner, Evolve Dentistry
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