Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business and managing it is essential. This section includes helpful guidance on cashflow management when times are tough.

Monitoring your cashflow

Cashflow forecasting is vital to manage the peaks and troughs in your business. We have a range of guides and tools to help you monitor your cashflow including a cashflow forecasting template to help get you started.

How to get paid on time

Many businesses provide credit for their customers. If your business does, you need to have a robust and efficient system in place to manage your cashflow.

Cashflow is the cycle of money moving between you as a customer and you as a supplier.

It's about managing what you're owed against what you owe. If you don't take care of your cashflow, you could end up not having the cash available to settle your bills.

We can offer you plenty of practical help on managing your cashflow, including good practices for invoicing, processing payments and dealing with late payments. For more, just read our guide.

Best practice tips for effective cashflow

Cashflow is the lifeblood of a business. You need to know that you've got enough cash coming in to cover payments going out, such as wages, bills and supplier invoices. For some expert guidance and best practice tips, here are three short guides from the Institute of Credit Management, produced in association with The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

When cash runs short

Having enough cash to meet your short-term obligations is essential to your business's survival. Here are some key considerations if cash starts to become tight.

Factoring and financing options

Unless your business has a permanently positive cashflow, you'll need some financing alternatives - so that the timing of cash in and out doesn't become a problem. Find out about some of your options here.

Treating suppliers fairly

You know how important it is to have your invoices paid on time. It's just the same when it's you who's being invoiced. Here's some good guidance to help deal with any issues that you may face in paying your suppliers.

Case studies

The support from Lloyds Bank has been outstanding. Having banked with them for a number of years, the relationship team really understands our business.
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Andy Webber
South West Hire and Sales
With the support of our facility, the company can further improve its working capital provision and effectively prepare to maximise key trading periods, and build on its impressive development to date.
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Andrew Gaunt
Relationship Manager
Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance
The lending package we were able to put together for the company reflected its specific needs, and is a good example of the individually tailored facilities we are able to offer our customers.
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Dave Brigden
Relationship Director
Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking
The business requires an adequate level of funding to ensure it is well placed to take advantage of growth opportunities. Factoring is an ideal solution for start-ups such as O4 which are already experiencing considerable demand.
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Simon Marks
Regional Manager
Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance

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