Sustainability is a major consideration for businesses today. But it's not just about making sure you meet responsibilities imposed by legislation. A pro-active approach to environmental issues can bring direct benefits to a business - economically, commercially and through improved staff motivation.

Sustainability REDUCE tool

Using our free REDUCE tool you can create your own sustainability plan by selecting objectives, setting goals and targets and sharing the plans with your colleagues.

The REDUCE tool is made up of six pillars:

Resource efficiency
Employee engagement
Develop new business
Understanding risk
Engaging stakeholders

It covers a wide range of topics including transportation, waste management, recycling, reducing water and energy consumption, motivating employees, potential risks and how you can use your 'green credentials' in marketing.

Once you have created your plan you can format it into a Word document or a PDF file that can be used in business planning sessions or team meetings and it can help you prepare for contracts that require an environmental policy as part of the tender process.

Create your business sustainability action plan

  1. Use our REDUCE framework to set your goals
  2. Create your own sustainability action plan
  3. Update your progress or add in additional objectives as often as you like


Sustainability benefits

What is sustainability and what can it do for your business?

Sustainability tips

To show you how easy it can be to take positive actions here are some tips and guidance notes to get you started.

Use these links to find organisations who provide support and guidance to businesses on best practice, government legislation, sustainability networks and training.

Sustainability local contact

For guidance and support in recognising the risks and opportunities for your business, contact one of our trained Business and Environment Managers in your area.

Sustainability posters

Lloyds Bank and Energy Saving Trust have produced posters which contain helpful, practical advice on how your business can become more sustainable by saving energy and money. Display them around your workplace to help promote energy saving behaviour.

Case studies

Arundell Arms Hotel
Most of the changes we have made over the last few years have been driven by economics and sound business principles. The 'green' benefits have been a very positive by-product.
Adam Fox-Edwards
Owner, Arundell Arms Hotel
Read the full case study

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