Enterprise Mentoring


When you're starting up or developing a business, the support and guidance of a trained expert can go a long way.

What is mentoring?

Enterprise mentors are independent, unbiased professionals from a wide range of companies across the UK. Mentors could be experts in sales or marketing or have senior management roles, but they all share one key quality - a passion for enterprise and passing on their expertise to nurture young businesses.

Whether you're looking for a fresh perspective on your business, a sounding board for ideas or more networking opportunities, a mentor could be that critical friend you need to succeed.

Meet a mentor

Watch the interview

An introduction to mentoring from a long-term mentor - Stephen Pegge, Head of External Affairs at Lloyds Bank. In this video, Stephen explores:

  • What is Lloyds Bank involvement with mentorsme?
  • Why do people become mentors?
  • What does a mentor do?
  • How does mentoring work?
  • How can a mentor help a business?

Case studies

To enhance our commitment to the mentoring scheme, here are some examples of the support that we have given to SMEs.

There are millions of people trying to give advice, but nine times out of ten we were given wrong advice. A reputable company like Lloyds Bank means you'll get a knowledgeable and impartial sounding board.
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Sharon Stephens
Group CEO
The fact that it's coming from the Bank adds clout; it'll be really good accessing knowledge at that high level and plugging into support, networks and leads.
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Matt Freckelton
Founder and Managing Director
Yatterbox Ltd
The most valuable aspect we have been helped with is developing a long-term strategy for growth as we now have a clear idea of where we want to take our business and some of the steps we can take to ensure we reach our goals.
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Alex Ryley
Mutant Labs
Having not come from a business background, it is invaluable to have someone from Lloyds Bank who is able to take an objective view of what we're trying to achieve and to give us some guidance about the best way to go about doing so.
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Yvonne Farquharson
Founder of Breathe

Latest News

Learn more about Enterprise Mentoring by reading examples of our recent press releases of how we have supported enterprises, projects and our partners in increasing awareness of how mentoring can really help.


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